Sometimes the Madhouse has a Window


Dear Friends, and all of you who have been kind enough to follow my musings for almost a year now. Today I have something very special to share with you.

Today I opened my mail and found a very special letter. I have seventeen new friends. Last week I visited the second grade at Maurice W. Downing school and it was my delight to regale them with Rag Doll Tales. Today I received thank you notes from one of the classes. To say that they are precious is an understatement. Each one has a beautiful picture that can only be appreciated by the eyes of a parent or teacher. Lucky for me, I am both. Most said the same thing, “Dear Mrs. Augustin, Thank you for visiting M.W. Downing school. However three students from the Brave New World of thinking stepped outside the box and wrote their own thing. I would like to share these with you.

On the first one, the outside has a flower and the words True Friend. The inside is as follows.

Dear Mrs. Augustin, Thank you for visiting M.W. Downing school. I really like you. I am wondering that if you can make more books, so I can read them. You are kind, funny, and a good story teller. I wish that you can stay at our school much more longer. You are a true friend.  Your friend “C”

The second one has a picture of two people on the front. One person has an arrow and says Mrs. Augustin, the second person has an arrow and says “H”. The inside reads as follows.

Dear Mrs. Augustin, Thank you for visiting M.W. Downing school. I wish you could come to our school another day. I love reading the book Rag Doll Tales, it was really fun having you here!!!!!!!!  Your friend, “H”.

Last but not least, the cover of the third one says, ” Thanks for coming.” with a big smiley face. On the inside I found:

Dear Mrs. Augustin, Thank you for visiting M.W. Downing school. I really liked your book The Rag Doll Tales. I order one of your books! Thanks for coming. Your friend “B”.

Now if you are reading this and, it doesn’t melt your heart you must be made of stone. Of course Kudos to the teacher for encouraging these children to be so kind to an old lady. If I ever wondered why I write, I received seventeen good reasons today. These letters have touched my heart and I hope they have reached a little part of yours.

~ by scribe312 on March 6, 2013.

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  1. It is such a blessing to watch you share your gift with so many little ones. You have no idea how many young lives you will touch and inspire.

  2. Yvonne! You are doing such great and wonderful things! Just think how many young lives you are impacting! Keep me posted on all the exciting things that are coming out of your book. I love your picture with the children! I am so very happy for you! I seriously think that you need to add your book to the reviews in the HU alumni magazine!

  3. I was very impressed that you visited the children.. Do you go to Rosedale?
    I d love you to share with my class too!

  4. Hello, you can contact me @ I will come to Rosedale, I used to teach at 231.

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