Rag Doll Tales- The Journey Continues

Rag Doll Tales-The Journey Continues


About a year ago I started this blog.  At the same time I published my one and so far only book Rag Doll Tales. It was at the suggestion of my publisher that I started the blog, he thought it would be a good way to get my writings to an audience.  The year has had its ups and downs, far more ups than downs, and that is a good thing.

During the year I have had two book signings in Philadelphia. I have learned that because my book is self-published the large chain stores will not sell it in their stores only online, and consequently my book signings have been limited to privately owned bookstores.

Book signing in Philadelphia

Book signing in Philadelphia

First Calvary Baptist church in Brooklyn has been one of my biggest supporters and I would like to publicly thank them for all of their efforts on my behalf. St. John’s United Methodist church in North Valley Stream is my home church, and they too have been supportive.

United Methodist Church New York Conference

United Methodist Church New York Conference

Eugene captivates young school children
Eugene captivates young school children

Eugene captivates young school children

Through the efforts of my church I was invited this year to the New York United Methodist Annual Church Conference. That was a marvelous experience. The sale of books and dolls was secondary to the people I met and the love they bestowed upon me. One of the most memorable encounters came from a lady who’s church does missionary work in Mozambique. She purchased my book and accompanying doll to share with the children of Mozambique. To me that was nothing short of awesome.

Another stop on this incredible journey was Davidson, and Downing schools, both in the Malverne school district, Explore Charter School in Brooklyn, and Carousel Daycare Center in Brooklyn. The children I met in these schools ranged from 2 years to 11 years in age. At each presentation I was met with wide-eyed curiosity, and an eagerness to hear my story that only the young can provide. Each school was unique, each school was delightful, and at each school Rag Doll Tales was well received.

Next stop on this journey, I sent Rag Doll Tales to Oprah, and Michelle Obama, hoping for than one in a million chance that one on them would read it, like it, and help publicize it. Alas, no such luck, for my postage I received two very polite letters sent by the 33 secretary to the 33 secretary, saying thank you.

A side road on this journey was Eugene. Eugene in the Rag Doll featured in each story of Rag Doll Tales. Fifteen years ago I had a doll made, and whenever I did a presentation Eugene was right by my side. She proved to be a wonderful visual aid in my presentation with one drawback. People wanted her. After several unsuccessful attempts to find someone who could make Eugene dolls, a bolt of lighting hit me and I contacted my good friend Linnette. She and sat down and figured out how to make a Eugene doll, and thus another aspect to this journey was born.

Now entering the second year of this journey my aspirations are more school engagements, and more opportunities to share the love of Rag Doll Tales. The response has been amazing. I have received tons of wonderful compliments about Rag Doll Tales.  As one review stated:

The book is recommended for children but I read it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The stories were compelling and I could not put it down. I would recommend it for all ages. Adults will enjoy the stories and learn something from them and pass the stories on to their children or grandchildren. I gave it a 5 for excellence.”



For the future I am busy making dolls and planning another series of Rag Doll Tales. Remember, OPEN A BOOK AND OPEN A MIND there is LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE IN EVERY STORY.

Rag Doll Tales is available at Amazon.com, Booksamillion.com, Barnesandnobel.com, and from me, the author. I can be reached at scribe312@yahoo.com.

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