Tell me Grandma, is there really a Santa Claus?


A few years ago my granddaughter crawled onto my lap and made herself right at home. Like most children of this newest generation, she was older and wiser than her years. She sat quietly for a while, then looked up at me.

” Grandma” she said, ” Christmas is coming soon you know.” I nodded, I knew where this conversation was going, but I decided to say nothing.

” Mommy and Daddy say there is no big fat man at the North Pole making gifts for children. They say he doesn’t exist and that all those other parents lie to their children. Then when the children find out there is no Santa Claus, they are sad. Is that true Grandma?”

I had been put on the spot before, but this was different. Do I agree with my child’s point of view and shatter the myth once and for all. I looked into my granddaughter’s eyes, so trusting, and inquisitive.

I reflected on my own childhood. I delighted in the knowledge of Santa Claus for many years, that belief was one of my fondest memories. As a parent I tried to pass on this wonderment to my children, but alas my children grew up in a different world, and their peers were only to happy to shatter this dream and to bring my children back to reality. Now with my granddaughter growing up in the internet age it seemed my options were very limited.

” Well darling, Daddy is not wrong, there is no big jolly man living at the north pole making presents for good little girls and boys, but there is a Santa Claus. You see Santa Claus is more of a feeling.  He is the feeling that parents get when they see the light in the eyes of their children on Christmas morning. Such joy in the hearts of both parents and children is the spirit of Christmas. It is the same spirit that brought the three wise men to Bethlehem many years ago to bring gifts to the newborn Christ child. It is the same loving spirit that God shows  us because we are his children, he just passed it on.  She sat deep in thought for a moment.

” I know, it’s the kind of happiness Lady shows with her tail wagging when we give her a biscuit.” We both laughed and I gave her a tickle.

” That’s right, God show his love through all of his creatures.”

” Even an ant?”

” Yes darling, even an ant.”

She pressed her head against my chest as I stroked her hair. I knew one day she would come to realize the joy a grandmother gets from just stroking the hair of someone she loves. One day, but today was MY DAY.

~ by scribe312 on December 14, 2013.

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