It Takes a Choir

Today I watched a TV show called “It Takes A Choir.” Now although I am a retired choral teacher I do not watch every show, nor would I say that I am a fan of the show. Today was just a day my remote got stuck on this channel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, a choirmaster from England tours the United States and tries to bring people together through music, thus The Choir. Now why he did not start this venture in England, I will never know. Maybe he thought we Americans needed this sort of help. Anyway, he went to a small town in Pennsylvania and started recruiting. He first efforts fell on deaf ears, somewhat like telling junior high school students especially boys that you teach a singing class. Eventually, he got a group of reluctant singers who probably joined just for the chance to be on television. In a little over a week he turned the reluctant singers into a choir. Not a great choir but a reasonable facsimile of a good choir.
More than their performance, I was struck by their sense of accomplishment. At the end of the performance there were hi-fives, tears, hugs, and smiles all around. For a split second I was back in the classroom, or in the auditorium after a performance with the smiles and hugs, and it felt great.
I don’t think It Takes a Choir will win awards or be a dramatic success on the small screen, but if you have ever sung in a choir it just may make you shed a single tear and bring back a fond memory of a better time.


~ by scribe312 on December 30, 2014.

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